Jun 082016


When a Midwesterner and her husband decided to make Arizona, where they often visited, home they had trouble finding the right fit. That is until they came across a newly listed house in Paradise Valley. “We walked through the doors, turned the corner, saw Camelback Mountain and that was is it,” she says. “My husband was sold. We just love those mountain views.”

While the home boasted large-scale, modern spaces, the couple desired a softer design with a vibe more in keeping with its desert surroundings. They enlisted the help of designer Jill Anderson of Wiseman & Gale Interiors in Scottsdale.

“We sat down with Jill in the great room and kept looking out at the pool, the backyard, the bougainvillea, and then Camelback with the corals, browns and greens,” recalls the wife. “That dictated how we wanted to start. We took the beauty of the outside and warmed up the inside with a lot of the same tones, but with more playful pops of color.”


For the master bedroom they chose the vibrant hues of our Taj bedding in green. The Taj fabric is an Anichini icon. The exquisite color selections have such depth, such intricate layers of color – that they match just about any room. The weave has 3 colors in the warp and three in the weft, creating nine separate colors. There is a depth to the design, which prompted one designer to quip “this fabric is alive”.

Content and images via Luxe Magazine.
Photo credit: Grey Crawford

Apr 122016

Anichini Cashmere Blanket in Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest showcases Michael Hirtenstein’s remarkable redesign of a lower Manhattan apartment building originally designed by architect Enrique Norten. Working with Architectural designer Thomas Juul-Hansen and decorator Amy Lau, Hirtenstein consolidated five separate apartments into a showstopping three-floor spread that totals 8,600 square feet, with an additional 5,500 square feet of outdoor space.

“Michael is obsessed with tactile quality and dimensionality. You can see it in the exquisite fabrics and window treatments, which are like couture creations,” says Lau, who has worked with Hirtenstein on three previous residences. “He definitely likes bling, but the bling here has restraint—it’s a subtle knockout.”

For the bed, they chose ANICHINI’s cashmere, hand loomed in Nepal and available in three weaves and 160 colors, it is the most exquisite cashmere in the marketplace.

See more of the redesign here.

Sep 152015



When a Manhattan couple relocated to Greenwich, Connecticut in 2012 they chose Sex in the City set decorators, Lydia Marks and Lisa Frantz, to recreate the quirky-cool opulence of Carrie Bradshaw’s interiors. Marks and Frantz, who used ANICHINI extensively throughout the Sex in the City series and films, chose it again for the couples’ home.

Fast forward to today and the couple has moved again. The new home is featured in this month’s issue of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens. For the designers’ second collaboration with the client, they were charged with updating the interior of a classic Colonial into something a little more bold and unpredictable. “We wanted to do Greenwich, but in a funky way. We carried over a lot of what we had [from the previous house] and tried to be resourceful,” says Frantz. “We pulled together classic looks and shapes because the house called for it, then we put it together in a more contemporary fashion.”




With it’s ombré shading and super-sized Renaissance pattern, Anichini’s  Marte bedding answered the couples desire for unusual color combinations and an interesting mix of materials in the bedroom. Marte turns a rather predictable Italianate design into something fresh and contemporary.

“Because of our work with character development and brand development both in print and television,” says Marks, “we’ve gotten adept to taking words people use to describe what they want to express in their homes and bringing those ideas into reality. We often use combinations people don’t necessarily think would work together—that’s where beauty comes in and personality starts.”


Also featured in the master bedroom are ANICHINI’s Raso bedding and a handloomed silk Kanishka bedskirt.
To see more of this inspired home visit Connecticut Cottages and Gardens and Marks and Frantz. Images and materials from these two sources.