Jun 152015

Architectural Digest June 2015 Cover

Anichini's La Collezione Turkish Bedding | Architectural Digest's Most Wanted for June


For Architectural Digest‘s Most Wanted List this June AD editors selected their must-have items, from simple pleasures to ultimate luxuries. We are pleased to be featured first on the list:

“An intricate take on Ottoman folk art, Anichini’s Turkish collection of bedding makes for chic summer slumbers. The Egyptian-cotton-percale linens are embroidered in Italy in an array of colors.” See more from the Most Wanted List here, see more of La Collezione Turkish bedding here.

All images via Architectural Digest.

Jun 122015

A Tulu Vintage Kilim Rug from Anatolia

We have several Tulu vintage kilims at the Design Center, but this one, from Karapinar in Central Anatolia is really something special.

The brilliant design and color would be a welcome addition in any space, traditional or modern. It is woven differently than many of the Tulus in our collection.

Bamboo rods are inserted, and then removed after the weaving is done, to give it a unique terry effect. The goat hair fringe left on one side gives this rug personality and pizazz.

Tulu Vintage Kilim Rug from Anatolia

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Jun 082015

Anichini's Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

The Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

“Anichini has had a long standing relationship with a wonderful man who produces our hand loomed cashmere in Nepal. As far as I am concerned, he produces the best cashmere products I have ever experienced.

Because we work with small companies, we get to know each other very well. True friendships develop.

As you know, the earthquakes in Nepal have been devastating. I just read that donations have slowed down but that there is still very much work to be done. We hope that you will participate in our fund raiser for Nepal. All the monies collected will go to our supplier who will disburse them directly to people in need.

This fundraiser will continue for the remainder of 2015.”

– Susan Dollenmaier, Founder

ANICHINI Chodron Cashmere Throws and Blankets

ANICHINI Amdo Cashmere Throws and Blankets

ANICHINI Chodron Cashmere Throws and Blankets

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