ANICHINI creates the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

The Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund “Anichini has had a long standing relationship with a wonderful man who produces our hand loomed cashmere in Nepal. As far as I am concerned, he produces the best cashmere products I have ever experienced. Because we work with small companies, we get to know each other very well. True…

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The Anadeo Collection at the Design Center and Gallery at ANICHINI

Anadeos statues at the Design Center and Gallery at ANICHINI in Quechee, Vermont

For centuries the people of Sumba, Timor, and other small islands of Indonesia have carved stone and wooden guardian figures called “Anadeos”. This word is translated as “ancestor” or “ancient people”. These pieces are placed in front of homes or the village square facing outward to frighten away evil spirits, or attract prosperity and health.…

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Traditional Home Tours a Lovely Southampton Summer Home with Custom Pieces by ANICHINI

Anichini's Ara hand loomed silk curtain panels in a sitting room at this Southampton Summer House. Via Traditional Home

When Rose Caiola Musacchia set out to redecorate her family’s Hamptons home she sought a design which would pay tribute to the home’s traditional shingle-style architecture yet also be instilled with elements of exotica from their travels. To accomplish this she looked to New York designer Young Huh who is known for bringing a global perspective to her projects.…

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NY MAG: Tour the Newly Renovated Abingdon Guest House by ASH NYC Featuring ANICHINI’s Palladio Bedding

ANICHINI Palladio Hotel Sheets

The recently renovated Abingdon Guest House was a nine-room inn which was comprised of two 1850 townhouses in the West Village. At the time of its acquisition in 2013 for $8 million, the inn had seen better days. Ari Heckman and his partner, Will Cooper, who together run the real-estate-and-design firm ASH NYC, transformed the dated and dilapidated…

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Architectural Digest Showcases a Glam Renovation to a Historic Boston Townhouse with ANICHINI Linens

ANICHINI in Architectural Digest February 2015

Not your typical restoration: The Victorian townhouse in Boston that was recently renovated by architect Dell Mitchell and interior decorators Heather Wells and Bruce Fox was anything but. By the time the property was found by its current owners it had been completely gutted. There were no period details remaining to speak of its gloried past. All that remained was…

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