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Anichini's Lucrezia Italian Sateen Sheets

The Italian Renaissance & The Creation Of Sateen Sheets

  Do You Know Why Sateen Sheets Were Created? It Began In The Renaissance…   The Renaissance had it’s start in the 14th century, emanating from Florence to Venice and then spreading throughout…

“The Emperor With No Threads” – The Truth About Thread Count

I have been waiting to communicate these thoughts for a very long time. Before House and Garden shut its lovely doors, Dominique Browning and I conversed together about  publishing this piece. But now is the age of the blog. So rather than using a print magazine, I will push this forward for all to read […]

The Truth About Egyptian Cotton

A Word On Egyptian Cotton & Thread Count From Founder, Susan Dollenmaier We are often asked if we weave our products with Egyptian cotton. The words “Egyptian cotton” are associated in the…