The Truth About Egyptian Cotton

A Word On Egyptian Cotton & Thread Count From Founder, Susan Dollenmaier We are often asked if we weave our products with Egyptian cotton. The words “Egyptian cotton” are associated in the mainstream with the “best of the best”. And this can be the case. The truth is that what truly determines if cotton is…

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Are You Visiting Vermont? These 5 Things Are A Must

1. Visit ANICHINI 802: The Flagship Store For ANICHINI’s Luxury Textiles We obviously think that visiting ANICHINI 802 should be at the top of your list! ANICHINI 802 is truly a full-service home furnishings store like none other. It is the flagship brick and mortar store for ANICHINI, the Vermont-based luxury textile company. Located in Quechee, Vermont,…

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A Word On Cashmere

Cashmere is one of nature’s triumphs. Although it is commonly referred to as wool, the fibers are softer and longer and 3 times more insulating than sheep’s wool. The hand is smooth and soft and, in a word, comforting. It is luxurious. It is warm. It is rare. Wild cashmere goats have long roamed the…

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