Connecticut Cottages & Gardens Features an Elegant Holiday Table Steeped in Tradition, Set with our Grazuole Napkins

ANICHINI's Grazuole Napkins in Connecticut Cottages and Gardens December 2014
Connecticut Cottages and Gardens December 2014 Anichini Grazuole Napkins

From the front door onward, this elegant Connecticut home is filled with festive holiday decor steeped in tradition. The dining room is filled with fresh garlands and swags, festooned with ribbons, complementing the warm peachy-pinks of amaryllis. The table is set in a similar hue, accented by the simple elegance of our Grazuole napkins. Resembling a 19th century heirloom, they are made from 100% linen which is hand finished with an intricate embellishment of drawn threadwork. See the rest of the home at CT Cottages & Gardens.

ANICHINI's Grazuole Napkins

Images from Connecticut Cottages & Gardens.

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