Go Design Go’s Rapid Fire Q&A with ANICHINI Founder, Susan Dollenmaier

ANICHINI Founder, Susan Dollenmaier


We are pleased to share  Go Design Go‘s Rapid Fire Q&A with ANICHINI Founder, Susan Dollenmaier. Go Design Go is the DDB | Decoration and Design Building‘s blog:

In this rapid fire Q&A series, Go Design Go is quizzing design leaders on everything from their favorite color to how design is evolving. In this interview, Anichini founder and CEO Susan Dollenmaier reveals some interesting facts about herself, including her favorite design motto.

Your favorite color? White

Your favorite season? Winter

Your idea of happiness? Specifically, cooking for someone I love and eating dinner outside overlooking the garden. In general, coming to grips the fact that in life “no one escapes”

Your design hero? Buckminster Fuller

Your design heroine? Lorraine Letendre

Your favorite virtue? Forgiveness

Your favorite food and drink? Lamb raised by my sister and a good OLD Italian wine

A natural talent you’d like to be gifted with? Ability to draw well

What is your present design state of mind? Settled

Your favorite design motto? “Less is more”

What has been your favorite travel destination? Machu Picchu

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Get more exercise

What do you consider your greatest achievement in design? My garden

What is your most treasured possession? My garden

What one goal do you hope to accomplish this year? Putting together a new cashmere program

How is design evolving? More “conscious”

What decorative item would you save first if your house caught fire? Family pictures

What historical design period would most like to visit? Federal

What makes a house a home? LIVING in it. Not having it be a museum

Susan Dollenmaier’s interest in textiles was sparked by her grandmother who was a dressmaker. Susan earned her B.A. in Design under Buckminster Fuller; however, her knowledge about textiles, including their ancient origins, actual weaving techniques, history, and their huge role in culture is self-taught. It was her expertise, learned in part from her years in the flea market circuit, and her ambition, that led to her entrepreneurial achievements with Anichini.

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