New England Home – ANICHINI’s Rare Find – The Rubiyat Pillow

ANICHINI has its roots in the world of antique textiles which is why the products have the true vibration of authenticity about them. Our Rare Finds Collection features just that – very rare, handmade products. Most of the craftspeople producing these items are among the last in the world. As technology rushes forward, handmade and handcrafted items become more and more unique. The items in this collection are truly collectors’ items and the “antiques of the future.” It is our mission to support these remarkable artisans and to keep these crafts alive for as long as possible.

The Rubiyat Pillow, featured here in New England Home, is one of these extraordinary works of art. The dense embroidery of this design is covered with small French knots. The richness and depth of the embroidery staggers the imagination! Made entirely of silk and embroidered by hand. Available online, at our Showrooms and LA Store, or by calling customer service.

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