PRESENTING: Preaching to the Choir

ANICHINI presents Preaching to the Choir

ANICHINI is pleased to present: Preaching to the Choir – testimonials to 25 years of excellence!

We at ANICHINI are thrilled to share these stories with you in 2011, our 25th anniversary!  We are very grateful to our fans who share our love of artisanal textiles for the home.

It was a chance trip to Venice that transformed a small antique textile business into the current incarnation of today; a company that sources and designs new textiles with the integrity of the old. The new company was launched in 1986. Susan’s twin daughters were 1 year old at the time.

This miniseries was created by one of those daughters, Tess Mix of Le JIT Productions, as a tribute to our anniversary. ANICHINI customers are interviewed and filmed in their personal living spaces, discussing their relationship with the various products as well as their personal thoughts on living with ANICHINI textiles. The people vary across age ranges, professions, and locations, but one fact remains consistent – their love and appreciation for ANICHINI’s products and mission. This is something we want to share.

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