Mar 092015

ANICHINI Palladio Hotel Sheets

ASH NYC renovation in NY Mag

ASH NYC renovation in NY Mag

The recently renovated Abingdon Guest House was a nine-room inn which was comprised of two 1850 townhouses in the West Village. At the time of its acquisition in 2013 for $8 million, the inn had seen better days. Ari Heckman and his partner, Will Cooper, who together run the real-estate-and-design firm ASH NYC, transformed the dated and dilapidated space into a marvel of modern design.

Taking much of their inspiration from their travels through Belgium, they chose a pared down aesthetic, pairing strong lines and a black and white palette with unusual textures and materials. ANICHINI’s Palladio Hotel Sheets are a perfect compliment to this refined modernity.

Take the tour here.

All images via NY Mag.