NY MAG: Tour the Newly Renovated Abingdon Guest House by ASH NYC Featuring ANICHINI’s Palladio Bedding

ANICHINI Palladio Hotel Sheets

ASH NYC renovation in NY Mag

ASH NYC renovation in NY Mag

The recently renovated Abingdon Guest House was a nine-room inn which was comprised of two 1850 townhouses in the West Village. At the time of its acquisition in 2013 for $8 million, the inn had seen better days. Ari Heckman and his partner, Will Cooper, who together run the real-estate-and-design firm ASH NYC, transformed the dated and dilapidated space into a marvel of modern design.

Taking much of their inspiration from their travels through Belgium, they chose a pared down aesthetic, pairing strong lines and a black and white palette with unusual textures and materials. ANICHINI’s Palladio Hotel Sheets are a perfect compliment to this refined modernity.

Take the tour here.

All images via NY Mag.

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