House Beautiful Features ANICHINI’s Olga Linen

House Beautiful features ANICHINI's Olga Linen

When interior designer Kelee Katillac designs a room she looks to fashion, history, pop culture, artists, and writers for inspiration. Designing her own Kansas City, Missouri apartment was no different. What was her muse for her sky blue salon?

“It began with that 18th-century Italian painting. I always dreamed of seeing it against sky-blue silk. I envisioned a salon around it with a slouchy, pillow-laden Italian sofa like Gertrude Stein would occupy, or Mabel Dodge Luhan in her Taos salon, or Henry James on his Venetian sojourn. Yet fresh and edited.”

To offset the formal elements of the antique Italian settee Katillac layers ANICHINI’s Olga Linen, whose variegated stripes on rustic linen grounds the room with its simplicity and old-world charm. Available as fabric by the yard, custom designs, and bath sheets.

To see more of the apartment click here. For an interview with Kelee Katillac click here.


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